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Risk Analysis and Quantification

Most businesses used financial forecasting on Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) / Net Present Value (NPV) models to access profitability of their projects. These methods are good if everything can be predicted with absolute certainty. Not all projects are equal in terms of risk. Would running a few scenarios give you more assurance that the outcome would be best and optimal? How sure are you that you would achieve your business objectives? Don’t leave your business to chance.

The Real Consulting difference

We are the leading risk experts in Asia. We offer comprehensive risk assessment services to our clients from structuring the financial models, setting the risk variables, to running millions of risk simulations to cover all grounds. Through the simulation processes, we can quantify the risk of your businesses, optimise your portfolio of projects to achieve optimal results, or structure real options strategies to hedge your downside risks and to capitalise on upside potentials. Sounds complicated? Not really. We produce easy-to-follow summary reports for management. We even leave behind our financial models, or train your analysis to perform these analysis themselves if needed.

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