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There are two distinct methodologies involved in risk management: qualitative (policy making) and quantitative (numerical) analysis. In the past, quantitative risk management was restricted to the realms of insurance and finance. Scenario analysis is the common system of deducing risk management. This method evolved into various forms based on the needs of each industry, past experience and guess work.

But this technique does not allow firms to obtain any degree of certainty. As a result, important decisions are made by guesswork, lowest potential losses or the shortest return to profitability. The optimal decisions are often disregarded because of flawed decision analysis.

At Real Consulting, we run millions of simulations to determine every possible outcome and the likelihood of them occurring. Our analysis enables clients to formulate strategies to determine optimal decisions or to hedge against future events, whatever they may be. We consolidate our analysis into a simple report that lays out clear strategy maps that can be easily followed by management. To ensure our clients have a full appreciation of our models and methodologies, we even leave behind our models and train your analysts to carry out future analysis. Depending on the need, consultancy assignments will be performed by local consultants or a team of global experts lead by experienced experts from Real Consulting. This way, you will be able to access the best minds and the best expertise from around the globe. Our proven methodologies empower our clients to take control, ensuring successful and optimal decisions. Real Consulting is the leading authority in calculating the risks your business cannot control, and has pioneered this unique service. The end product is a system that considers the fundamental elements of every possible risk, based on fact rather than guesswork.

- Business Week (June 1999)

"The real options revolution in decision making is the next big thing to sell to clients and has the potential to be the next major business breakthrough."

- Business Week (June 1999)

"Doing this analysis has provided a lot of intuition you didn't have in the past… and that as it takes hold, it's clear that a new generation of business analysts will be schooled in options thinking. Silicon Valley is fast embracing the concepts of real options analytics, in its tradition of fail fast so that other options may be sought after."

- Industry Week (December 6, 1999)

"In contrast, the beauty of Real Options theory - an approach that ties the value of small initial investments to later opportunities for big payoffs - is that it works well with uncertainty and encourages management flexibility."

- Harvard Business Review (September/October 1998)

"Unfortunately, the financial tool most widely relied on to estimate the value of a strategy is the discounted cash flow which assumes that we will follow a predetermined plan regardless of how events unfold. A better approach to valuation would incorporate both the uncertainty inherent in business and the active decision making required for a strategy to succeed. It would help executives to think strategically on their feet by capturing the value of doing just that - of managing actively rather than passively and real options can deliver that extra insight."

- Industry Week (December 6, 1999)

"With the degree of change going on in industry, the old models just don't work anymore… one promising tool for determining the strategic worth of an acquisition is Real Options Valuation."

- Bloomberg Wealth Manager (November 201)

"Real options provide a powerful way of thinking and I can't think of any analytical framework that has been of more use to me in the past 15 years that I've been in this business."

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