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According to academic research, more than 80% of a portfolio return is derived from asset allocation among different asset classes. So before you begin choosing a fund manager or which investments to make, it is critical to have the right asset allocation and investment policies in place. Real Consulting provides risk management solutions to increase the odds of your business success. We are one of Asia’s leading risk management specialists, trusted by major companies to provide the best advice to help them plan ahead.

The Real Consulting difference

Using our advanced risk simulation technologies, we help clients to access the risks, volatilities and relations between various asset classes in their portfolios. If necessary, we help clients to design their investment policies, realistic and achievable risk/return objectives as well as constraints. Once these information becomes available, we can run simulations and optimise the risk/return objectives given the set constraints resulting in a set of optimised allocation of assets. However, this is insufficient as this is only a single point estimate so we run more simulations to obtain the acceptable range of allocation that can achieve the optimal results.

Sounds complicated? Not really, our advanced software can do this effectively and efficiently. If necessary, we event leave behind our models and train your staff so that you can incorporate our technology to your business.

Risk-Managed Investment Products

In today’s capital markets, financial products as well as market participants have become more sophisticated, resulting in a much more volatile and sophisticated market. Market participants are responding to ever available Information almost spontaneously with little time for you to react. More importantly, markets tend to react to negative information much more significantly than positive information? n other words, share prices tends to fall much more, and much faster on negative news than rising on positive ones. Ever get the feeling that you are falling behind the other players? You are probably right.

A more prudent investment philosophy should take a longer term perspective and to protect your capital. You should not be chasing after the highest yields without proper assessment of risks. Are you taking excessive and unnecessary risks in your investments? Are you being too conservative in your investments that you’re not achieving returns that are meaningful?

At Real Consulting, we believed that protecting downside risks are just as important as achieving upside returns. We also believed that the market is simply too volatile for most investors, including institutional investors.

Even the largest pension funds are much less tolerant to downside risks due to increasing regulations, funding requirements as well as accounting impacts. More importantly, liabilities tend to rise due to aging population regardless of market conditions so the investment objectives should be aligned to protect against downside risks. In the event of falling asset value and increasing liabilities, the plan’s capital will fall as the capital is much smaller relative to both the assets and the liabilities.

Real Consulting works in association with SI Limited to offer risk-managed investment products to our institutional and high net worth clients. Our objective is not to achieve the highest returns but to ensure that downside risk are properly managed to achieve above average returns. We help clients to access downside risk tolerance and as well as liquidity requirements and to design investment portfolios that can meet the optimal risk/return objectives.

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