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Capital / Resource Optimisation

You have many potential investments or projects at hand, yet limited resources (such as capital, people or resources) are available. How would you choose which investments or projects to engage? How much resources should you to commit to each of them? How would you achieve optimal results? Should your decision based on maximum return alone, or should you consider the risk? How sure are you that the results can be achieved? Whether you need to allocate your investments within your asset portfolio, or to choose or allocate resources to your projects, we can help.

Asset Allocation Consulting Services

We are the leading risk experts in Asia. We offer comprehensive capital / resource optimisation services to our clients from structuring the financial models, setting the risk variables, to running millions of risk simulations to cover all grounds. Through our simulation technologies, we can quantify the risk of individual asset classes or projects, optimise your portfolio by determining the optimal range of allocation to achieve the objectives. It may also be possible to structure real options strategies to enhance the value of your portfolio by hedging downside risks and capitalising on upside potentials.

Sounds complicated? Not really. We produce easy-to-follow summary reports for management. We even leave behind our financial models, or train your analysis to perform these analysis themselves if needed.

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